What’s in your soil? What type of fertilizer do you use? And why?

nutrient rich soil

It has been proven that plants need a minimum of 17 nutrients to grow and be able to reproduce. They need significantly more than that to be optimally healthy. The good news is that all of these elements listed above are in the soil already. Usually. But, in the proper amounts? Doubtful. How about the other 45-50 elements required in trace amounts to develop full insect resistance and drought/cold tolerance? Don?t bet on it.

Most plants never achieve their full genetic potential because they do not have all of the building blocks to do so. Also, the use of chemical fertilizers creates fast growth, but generally imbalanced , soft growth that is yummy for insects. Nutrient dense sap is mostly indigestible to insects. Calcium and magnesium are important to regulate the water within the plant, important for summer and winter stresses.

We recommend a microbially active fertilizer like Myke, Holly-Tone or Biotone and a source of calcium and trace minerals such as SeaCal, Dyna-Min or Azomite. Feed your plants well and they will get established quicker, with less water and will look better and have a higher overall survival rate.

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