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Red Maple Tree

Take Care In Pruning

Late winter/early spring is often typically the time to trim tree and shrub branches because there is less risk of disease and the cuts stress the tree less. Deciduous trees can be pruned during other times of the year to remove dead or broken branches, but February through March is the best time to do […]

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Mulch Tips

When you are ready to mulch, it is always a good idea to provide a new, deep edge around the tree, planting bed or walkway, so that the mulch is kept contained and does not fall out into your grass or walkway. Clean up any old mulch that has not decomposed so that the mulch […]

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water new plants

Now that your landscape is installed, proper watering is key for the establishment of your plants!

Why? New plants do not yet have sufficient root systems to sustain themselves. The idea is to water regularly so that the roots will grow deeply into the soil, eventually providing enough root structure to be self-sustaining in all but extreme drought conditions.   When? Water deeply 3 times weekly for the first several weeks. […]

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